Cardio Kick

Oak Ridge Martial Arts Academy’s Cardio Program is a fitness program designed for people of all ages 16 and up and all fitness levels. While traditional Martial Arts serves as the backbone for the program – each class consists of four basic elements – Cardio, Endurance, Strength and Flexibility. 

 These four elements are essential to a successful fitness program and help students stay with the program long term.

 Students are motivated and encouraged in a non-intimidating friendly environment and are educated about proper nutrition and healthy lifestyle choices giving each student the potential to reach their personal fitness goal.

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Class Descriptions

Our Cardio program consists of many different class options and are offered 6 days a week, see our class schedule for times and days. We provide a wide range of classes so that our students are constantly being challenged and are never bored!

CardioKick classes are primarily Cardio (fat burning) driven with additional focus on muscle toning.

Contact classes provide another great Cardio workout but we put on the gloves and hit the bags.

BootCamp is a 1-hour high intensity workout where anything goes.

Powertone is 1-hour of weight training that not only burns fat but builds muscle as well.

20/20/20 covers all the bases – 20 minutes of Cardio, 20 minutes of Contact and 20 minutes of Toning.