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Attempted Graduation Date
Belt graduations are generally held the last Saturday of the month at noon sharp. You are required to attend your two classes during test week the week prior to graduation.
Program enrolled in. *
If you are not sure, please refer to the requirement boards in the dojo.
Last Belt Test?
Last Belt Test?
Section 2
I have attended a minimum of 7 classes per month? *
I have fulfilled the minimum time requirement between levels of promotion. *
I have passed the flag test. *
I have both the school and flag patch on my uniform. *
I have passed the Basic Terminology test. *
I have passed the Advanced Terminology test. *
This is required for Green Belts and above.
My Brown/Black Belt community service project is underway or complete. *
Required only for Brown and Black Belt candidates.
I understand that this form should be completed two weeks prior to test week in order for Sensei to be prepared for belt graduation. Graduation may have to be postponed to the next one if submitted after. *
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***NOTE***This form will be checked upon submission. The STUDENTS name will be posted on the GRADUATION board by parents stadium. Please check to see the proper month and date of your promotion. Thank you- Sensei

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